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Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis in post-independence history and Govt healthcare services are struggling to maintain the once proud free healthcare system that was an example to other developing countries.

We have observed that many conscientious Sri Lankans domiciled abroad are doing what they can to support, and up keep even a basic healthcare system with donations from which we have been able to donate essential life-saving medicines as per the need of the ministry of health to institutions of the donor’s choice.

We have successfully done this with a number of parties, whom we can give as references.

Your donations, enable us to give stable prices as the depreciation of the rupee does not affect the transaction, and we have kept low margins on these supplies as our contribution to this effort.

We are also able to use these dollars to replenish our stock.

From a broader economic sense remittances to the country also helps mitigate the problem of foreign currency and reserves.

Please help us in our initiative to keep Sri Lanka in good health, and do our part in mitigating the effects of this crisis.

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