Warehousing/Cold Storage


Our purpose built warehouse complex located within Colombo city limits conforms to international industry standards and those set by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority  of Sri Lanka.(NMRA)

It is regularly audited by the NMRA and Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLS) and by a number of our principals

Facilities are at all times under the supervision of a team of Quality Assurance persons that include qualified pharmacists.

This equipment is validated and the Cold storage facility is constantly monitored through multiple alarm systems that include SMS notifications against power supply failure, temperature excursions, accidental door opening, individual compressor failure etc.,

It is provided with multiple backup generator power supply and contingencies for catastrophic power failure .

Temperature Zones:

  • 2-8C ( Cold Storage ) Biologicals and Vaccines
  • Below 25C ( A/C Section) Eye Drops and Injectable, Oral Dosage forms

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